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In Salem, Oregon on Tuesday Nights

5:45 – 9 pm | September – May

What is it?

A place to discover your full identity in Christ by diving deeper into your relationship with God. Learn to walk in the supernatural lifestyle of Jesus through personal witness, healing, prophesy, prayer & much more.

Why would I come?

Develop how you hear God. Believe you can live a life of sign, wonders, and miracles. Grow your identity as you experience more of Him. Personal Transformation, Freedom & Growth!

What can I expect?

Community is built as we share a meal, & worship together. Live teachings from a growing list of powerful teachers & speakers from all over the world. Video & book curriculum to continue your growth & learning. Hands on experience & activation.

September 21st, 2021 | 1st day of School










Pursue the LIFE you were made for!

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Want to see what we are about? Come for some delicious BBQ & a preview of LSSM.


Aug 24th is the next BBQ in 2021 | at 6pm |

The Life Training Center located at 255 College Dr. NW Salem, OR 97304


Take the Next Step

Supportive Community

A multi-generational student and staff community that thrives on interaction, honor and support. Cheering each other on while you grow in your gifting & destiny.

Experience the living God

Get to know who He is. Learn more about you and how you are uniquely designed to IMPACT your tribe and culture for Jesus


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Value of what you receive

Powerful Curriculum

Over $7,000 value

Throughout the year you will get to experience powerful live local speakers. We also use curriculum from influential speakers from around the world like: Bill Johnson, Graham Cook, Shawn Bolz, Danny Silk, among others. Every year we hand pick the best material for you as a student to grow.

30 Delicious Meals

$500 value

We prepare delicious meals for you to enjoy and share with other students. This allows you to grow closer with others in the LSSM community while you embark on your journey with Jesus.

The Experience

$ Priceless

The things you will experience and get to participate in are beyond any kind of monetary value. The treasured friendships you will gain are priceless. The life changing revelations will alter the course of your life forever.


Can I experience LSSM before I apply?

Yes. We have guest nights scheduled throughout the year where anyone can come experience an LSSM class for FREE. Email us for scheduled dates or like our Facebook page to receive event notifications..

Do you have any financial aid or discounts?

Yes. We offer several flexible payment plans and work-study opportunities. We offer referral discounts for returning students. as well as a discount for those who pay their tuition in full prior to October. Ask us for more info and availability.

What does a typical class look like?

We start the evening with sharing a meal, then we dive into God’s presence through worship. We then go through a teaching from BSSM or material from one of our other speakers. Finally we activate and practice what we just learned in a safe environment. Activation is one of the things that students love the most. Once you see how much God wants to speak to you and through you, you get hungry for more.

Street Address:

255 College Dr. Salem, OR 97304

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 5350 Salem, OR 97304


(503) 362 6675

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