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All workshops are being filmed for LS Online in the Loft in the Life Training Center at Life Church.

Scroll down for our map. Our address is 255 College Dr. NW Salem, OR 97304

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Upcoming Workshops

February 15th 7pm-10pm  &  16th 10am-5pm


COST: $35


Join Tyler Johnson for 5 revelatory, faith filled sessions exploring the depths of God's love and power.

We will explore biblical scripture, theology, and the practicals on dead raising. Tyler will share with us some amazing testimonies of people being raised from the dead. His Dead Raising Team have brought over a dozen people back to life. We will dive into the implications of the power of 'resurrection life' for the living and have some time for Q&A.

Come prepared to have a good time. Come expecting to laugh and be encountered by God’s love.



March 16th 1pm-5pm


COST: $25

Garris Elkins has been called by God to raise up a prophetic generation who will speak to the cultures of our world with the empowered voice of Heaven. Garris’ ministry seeks to align people with their God-defined destiny through speaking, writing and personal prophetic ministry.

In this workshop we will talk about the hindrances to a healthy family environment the beauty of God's family dynamic. And finally, we will hear some practical suggestions of how we can create a sense of family in all spheres of culture.


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